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Ekaterina Popova | Lessons from GreatPHL

Artist and founder of Create Magazine, Ekaterina Popova was living out the stereotype of the struggling artist. She graduated with an art degree and high hopes but was unable to find meaningful work in her field.

She worked retail and food service jobs, waiting for an avenue through which she could build an art career, but progress was slow. Eventually, Ekaterina had a lightbulb moment, realizing she could end her frustration and embark on her own path. With that idea, Create Magazine was born.

Despite her lack of design and magazine experience, Create started gaining traction as Ekaterina approached art galleries and small businesses to collaborate. Everything from abstract paintings to printmaking to street art has been featured in Create mag, along with artist interviews and career advice for emerging artists.

Now an international publication, Create is published 6 times per year and features both local and global artists.

“It’s been a mutual relationship with Philly supporting the magazine and the magazine bringing Philly to the forefront of other art scenes across the world.”