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Jason Huber | Lessons from GreatPHL

Jason Huber is the Executive Director of Teens Inc., an organization that connects teenagers to the world through local and global service. Participants receive support in problem-solving, self-esteem building, and turning their dreams into action.

Jason has led service learning trips to Guatemala and Costa Rica. He created the Global Classroom Project to teach kids how to raise money to travel abroad and expand their horizons. With the aspiration to “tear down the classroom walls and take education to the next level,” Jason’s students return home refreshed and energized with stories of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

“I’m in the business of helping kids see the world differently.”

Jason challenges us to imagine a more peaceful world. He discusses his work helping kids connect to the world through service and offers lessons he learned from other GreatPHL speakers.

“Not only did I want world peace, but I asked myself, ‘How do we get to world peace?’ We’ve gotta end poverty in Philadelphia.”