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Brandi McLaughlin | Lessons from Greatphl

Brandi McLaughlin has been a Criminal Defense Attorney for nearly 20 years.  After defending people who were charged with crimes they didn’t commit, she decided to put down her private practice and run for judge in the Court of Common Pleas.

“Philadelphia is on a precipice of change for the better when we can get all of our community stakeholders involved in fundamentally changing the system.”

When adults are incarcerated for a crime, they typically lose their jobs and their children are placed in foster care. Brandi talks about the results of mass incarceration and the problems that arise when individuals cannot reintegrate with their communities. She also addresses the futility of ‘million dollar blocks,’ or neighborhood areas that the city invests in while many of its community members are incarcerated.

“I want this campaign to be about people who believe in progress in Philadelphia and want to see a change in how we deal with the tough issues.”