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Khalil Salaam | Lessons from GreatPHL

“Go along for the ride, no matter how rough the terrain is, as long as the path is pointed forward.”

Khalil is the General Manager for Pepsi Co. and the Northeast Chair of Mosaic, an employee resource group.

As a successful manager of a 400-person team, Khalil speaks about his upbringing and parents that instilled him with work ethic. With eleven siblings, Khalil’s family struggled through poverty. One of his sobering early life goals was simply to make it to 21 years old in a neighborhood where shootings took the life of other young people around him.

At only 4 years old, some of Khalil’s friends were caught in the middle of a drug-related shooting at a convenience store, where his five year old companion was killed. Miraculously, Khalil was instructed by his mother not to go along that day.

Khalil talks about how difficult it is to wrap his head around the violence that surrounded him, along with the racial and religious stereotypes he experienced throughout his career. He believes basketball kept him on a positive track through high school and college, and hard work led him to his work as a leader today.